7″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers w/Wire Cutter


If you think all tools are made equally, think again. Eagle Grip 7″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers possess all the toughness and quality of our straight jaw pliers but also provide full gripping power on a variety of shapes and applications. When you put them in your hand, you know right away that whatever needs to be tightened, clamped, twisted or turned won’t be able to put up a fight. These curved jaw pliers also feature an integrated precision ground wire cutter for added versatility, sharp enough to cut through a variety of wire with ease. Built for the toughest jobs and designed for every job, Eagle Grip is American innovation at its finest.

The Eagle Grip Difference

American innovation, lasting performance

Our 7″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers aren’t the BEST just because they’re made from the STRONGEST materials. They’re carefully crafted to deliver the professional grade performance you demand for every job. Go ahead and compare Eagle Grip to your favorite tool. You’ll see the difference in craftsmanship and feel the difference in performance the first time you put them to work.

The Eagle Grip Difference

Slightly angled Curved Jaw Locking Pliers
Extra sharp, precision broached teeth for superior gripping power.

tool image

Brazed Joints
Brazed joints made to withstand heavy force generated by twisting or pulling.

tool image

Jaws forged from premium grade USA steel that provide increased strength and longer-life.

tool image

Wire Cutter
Precision ground wire cutter with specialized heat treatment for added durability.

tool image

Additional rivet for added tool strength.

tool image

Long-life spring for continual everyday use.

tool image

Smooth polished easy release trigger that provides maximum locking force when clamped.
Power Ring
Patented Power Ring provides increased thread strength and overall durability of the tool.

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Larger, more comfortable hardened adjustment knob with a proprietary coating for increased lubricity and smooth operation. Hex key to release or increase torque/clamp force.

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Full Description

Forged from American steel and manufactured in DeWitt, Nebraska, the Eagle Grip 7″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers are designed specifically for hard-working professionals who care about their tools. These curved jaw pliers combine our signature strength and durability with versatility and full gripping power on most any shape or application. With teeth that keep their definition and resist rounding, you’ll have maximum grip strength for the life of the tool. Our curved jaw pliers also include a long-lasting precision ground wire cutter sharp enough to cut through most wires in the shop while precise enough to cut fine wire. Ideal for professionals who work with auto, welding, agriculture, or sheet metal. Use them 100 times a day, day in, day out. You’ll be worn out long before Eagle Grip.

Power Ring: Patent US D901,999

  • Overall length of 7″
  • Jaw capacity 1-5/16″
  • The forged, premium alloy steel Jaws with precision sharpened teeth are heat treated for superior durability and grip over the life of the tool.
  • Patented Power Ring provides increased thread strength and overall durability of the tool.
  • Larger, more comfortable hardened adjustment knob with an exclusive coating for increased lubricity and smooth operation.
  • Adjustment screw accepts 1/4″ hex key for added versatility while adjusting clamping pressure.
  • Integrated precision ground wire cutter for added versatility.
  • Classic Trigger release provides maximum locking force.
  • Cross cut jaw tips increase grip and versatility when gripping with the tips of the jaws.
  • Curved Jaws are ideal for clamping a variety of shapes and materials.
Why does the Power Ring provide additional strength?

The Power Ring adds strength by supporting the adjustment screw threads, resulting in more strength and a reduced chance of tool failure.

Are there replacement parts for your curved jaw locking pliers?

Yes. Although we do expect these parts to last, Malco provides replacement parts for the spring and screw of all locking pliers, clamps, and seamers.

Do you offer these curved jaw locking pliers in any other sizes other than 7 inches?

Yes. We have a 10 inch version as well as straight versions in 7 inch and 10 inch models.

If you have ideas of a new product or think we should offer a different variety or size of our locking pliers, you can submit your idea using the link below: 


What does your satisfaction guarantee mean?

To learn more about our warranty and the commitment to the quality of our tools please visit the page below:


I noticed these products are made in the old factory that was owned by Irwin Vise Grip. Is Eagle Grip owned by this company?

Eagle Grip is in no way affiliated with the Vise Grip brand of locking pliers. Eagle Grip is owned by Malco Products, SBC headquartered in Annandale, MN.